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Discover the most effective way of connecting with your customers through live streaming shopping. Sell live, Experience the emotion live.

Welcome to the shoppertainment era

An evolution in the way that companies sell and how customers consume via online channels.

Welcome to the shoppertainment era
What is live streaming shopping?
<strong>Live video</strong><br>streams Connected to your <strong style='white-space: nowrap;'>e-commerce</strong> <strong>Bidireccional</strong> and <strong>interactiva</strong> communication An <strong>immersive buying experience</strong> without having to leave the live stream <strong>Easy</strong> to use <strong>Quick</strong> and <strong>safe</strong> purchase Data generation <strong>in real time</strong>
Live video
Connected to your e-commerce
Bidireccional and interactiva communication
An immersive buying experience without having to leave the live stream
Easy to use
Quick and safe purchase
Data generation in real time
Find out how FIRA can help you increase your business sales.

Any product, from any place

FIRA integrates the capacity to buy and sell any product from anywhere in real time using the app or website. Whatever your business, we will adapt to it.

Any product, from any place
Thousands of people connected by the same interest: your brand

Thousands of people connected by the same interest: your brand

Interact with thousands of customers through live broadcasts from your website where you can offer personalised and interesting content and showcase your products or services.


Personalised content

Entertainment is the direct channel that will connect you to your customers and their interests. We help you to define the content that is best suited to your sales objectives and we will assist you in deciding who should lead the live stream —store staff, experts, opinion leaders, influencers etc. What is more, we also advise you on implementation in order to ensure that you reach your goals exactly as you had imagined. Without any surprises.

Personalised content 01
Personalised content 02
Technology at the service of experience

Technology at the service of experience

We could tell you all about our Ultra Low Latency technology, our encoding and streaming infrastructure or our layers of interactivity. But we will go directly to what interests you. We offer an easy set-up that allows you to make high-quality sound and vision transmissions without any hiccups, and we will supply you with everything that you will need: voting, betting, chats, interactive games etc., and of course, sales that are instantly available from the live stream.


Your customers, your data

FIRA offers you full control over the transactions and interactions with your customers and, therefore, total control over your data. Detailed analyses are available both in real time and after the event, and this will allow you to gather information about the various categories of users that have joined the experience created by your brand.

Your customers, your data